For a birthday present for a little girl, who just started learning letters in school, we tried to find an idea which would be decorative for a kids room and educational at the same time. Learning letters with animal pictures seems to be a good idea so we made a lamp!

Before anyone wonders ... The little girl is German and therefore the animal names are German as well. The graphics and letters were designed as vector drawings for the four sides plus the top of the lamp.

All panels were cut on the laser cutter out of 3mm birch plywood.

To diffuse the light we glued transparent paper on the inside using spray glue. First we tried to use carpet spray glue ... Well, bad idea! This looked horrible and drops of glue were visible inside the cut outs. We had to replace one side with a new panel. In the end we used photo spray adhesive which worked much better.

To assemble the lamp, we used 3d printed corner brackets which we glued directly on the panels. The brackets went along the whole height of the lamp to prevent light coming through. We ordered a bulb holder to screw in the wooden bottom panel. To make it more fun we used a multicolour bulb with a remote control.

Colourful animals, letters to learn!

More images for this project

Animal Lamp

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