We wanted to make a simple looking clock made out of wood meant to be a gift. We choose bamboo wood as we like the wood structure and its natural look.

To make life easy we bought an inexpensive wall clock and took it apart. Under a microscope we were able to remove the hands without damaging them so that they can be re-used together with the clockwork.

We like the idea of giant floating numbers around the centre which holds the mechanics. We made the design in Illustrator and made sure that all numbers were properly connected for stability. Twelve oval holes were added to make reading the time easier.

When cutting the shape we flipped the design, since the bottom side of the laser cuts is cleaner. All parts and inset came out nicely. Although difficult to see in the picture the complete wood sheet is covered with masking take to protect the wood smudges.

Peeling off the protecting tape revealed the beautiful structure of the bamboo and gave us a good idea of the final appearance. The application of the tape allowed us to avoid any sanding.

Before putting all parts together we treated the wood with two layers boiled linseed oil. This brought out the structure of the wood, while not changing the overall color too much.

To make sure the clock is level with the wall we cut three dowels as spacers and glued them to the back. A little bit of felt makes sure that the clock is not scratching the wall. Overall we were happy with the outcome. The clock looks like we anticipated and makes a great gift.

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Bamboo Clock

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