In need of a solution for hanging everyday clothes in the bedroom a valet stand seemed to be perfect. We do not like the classical style so we created a modern and clean design.

We made the design in Fusion 360 where the tool paths for the CNC router were generated as well. We tried several versions with various angle, height, and number of steps before settling on the final layout.

The pieces fit on a single sheet of MDF that was painted in white later. We had to cut it to the right length before we could use it on the CNC router.

After loading the tool paths into the CNC router we let it do its work.

Because the main part of the valet stand was bigger than the bed of the router, we had to make the cuts in multiple operations. We shifted the sheet a specific distance in between. The two cutting operations were run independently, one after the other.

The second operation had to continue where the first one ended. We used holes drilled by the router itself and wooden dowels to maintain the alignment.

After glueing and sanding the piece we covered the MDF with two coats of white paint. This is definitely the piece of furniture we were missing in our bedroom. Very convenient. Every day.

Bedroom Valet Stand

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