We had those two table lamps made out of paper and wood, bought in a decoration store, that we really liked. Unfortunately, they did not survive shipping to our new flat! They arrived completely destroyed, the paper ripped apart and the lamps broken into pieces. Well, we saw an opportunity to make them even better than before...

The first step was to clean up the mess! We had to scratch off the old glue, sand the wood pieces and discard the ripped paper pieces.

It was only after finishing all the work that we realised that one piece was missing. So we had to make it. A similar strip of pine wood that we cut to the right shape with a router.

Finally we could glue the pieces back together and make it look like two lamps again. Only the paper part was missing, which we decided to customise with a bespoke design.

Looking for ideas of design, we found the inspiration whilst visiting the amazing gardens of Chatsworth House in Peak District.

Based on the photos we took, we made illustrations of the lovely lupin and other local flowers. We then created a digital version of each of them and used the laser cutter for cutting the design out of the paper.

The paper is 200g/m² thick so that even after the design is cut out, it would stay strong enough.

A second layer of trasparent paper was glued onto it to prevent the lamp bulb from been visible through the holes and protect the first layer of paper.

We cut the layers of paper to the right size to fit the lamp wood frame.

The lamps were finished with a layer of wax to protect the wood. After polishing, we used narrow double sided tape (meant for attaching smart phone screens) to glue the paper, staying away from liquid glue to give it a very clean finish.

Bedside Lamps

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