A collection of business card holders made out of different kinds of wood. Not only protect these holders your business cards in your pocket but they also make a nice business card stand for your desk.

They can are customised with a laser engraved logo on the front before finished with varnish.

The idea and part of the design came from this woodworking site, adapted to the tools we had available. Unfortunately makespace does not have a table saw, but fortunately makespace has a small CNC router which allowed to cut the parts.

These are the individual parts for a single business card holder

When glueing the parts it is important to press them together for a good connection. Binder clips are ideal for this.

We created a number of holders out of different kinds of wood. Using different types of wood for the different layers gave an elegant and less boring appearance

After glueing and sanding the edges to give the case a rounder appearance the logo on the front of the case was engraved. In order to protect the surface a layer of masking tape was used. This also helped in aligning the position of the logo.

We created a number of holders out of different kinds of wood. The bottom right one was the prototype and the laser cut burned edges are clearly visible

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Business Card Holders

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