Since the sun shines very brightly into our office we decided it would be a good idea to have a room divider screen to block it. The idea was to go for an easy design with not too much work. In particular we wanted to do everything at home, so no major woodworking.

Another one of this projects which was supposed to be finished over a weekend but then took significantly longer ...

The room divider consists of three wooden fabric covered frames, connected with 3d-printed hinges.

The frames are build out of 18x28mm pine wood strips and glued and screwed together. To make sure the panels were all straight we used 3d printed corner clamps. This design is works really well and only needs a few non-printed parts.

The three panels are approximately 1.8m high and 52 cm wide. After putting them together they were painted in turquoise to contrast with the white fabric.

In order to connect the three panels we used 3d-printed hinges. Using the parametric hinge designer on thingiverse made life really easy. They were printed in white ABS.

The fabric is sewed on the sides and wrapped around two smaller wood strips.

These strips were clamped and nailed to the frames.

In the end the room dividers came out nicely. As mentioned they took a little longer to make than planned, but we are happy with the results and they work very well to block the direct sunlight.

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Folding Room Divider

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