This is the second of the series. After finishing the first lamp we thought it might be nice to have a complementing one for our living room. Both lamps where supposed to have the same style, but their shape is not exactly the same.

The shape of this lamp is different. We went with a curvier style and also made it muhc bigger at the bottom.

After modelling it, this time in Fusion 360, we are able to get an idea of the overall appearance. For this lamp we decided to try to get a round, not to bright bulb. Since the lamp is rather wide open at the bottom, the bulb is clearly visible and should fit with the overall design.

Glueing the pieces together was a task on its own ... We started by only glueing four spokes first. This gave it the general structure. We used some supports for the top plate we found around the house.

After the initial spokes were glued on, we continued by putting always putting the spoke in the centre of two where possible. This helped us keeping the spacing between spokes as intended. Similar to the first iteration we created a template on the laser cutter to help us to maintain the spacing at the bottom. This can be seen in the picture.

For trying the lamp out we only had a 'normal' shaped bulb round. Nevertheless it looked great. The height of the lamp is determined by a 3d-printed clamp exactly the same as in the previous lamp. Overall it came out great, although it sometimes feels very fragile when one touches it. Fortunately that does not happen too often.

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Large Spoke Lamp

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