In need of some decorative shelving for out living room, we though it would be a nice idea to build some shelving which is easy to make, but also not too boring. Somewhere we saw this style of 'asymmetric' shelves which seem to fit all our requirements.

To make things easy we adapted our dimensions so that two units could be cut out of a single sheet of plywood. We got the sheet cut up in 40cm wide strips and used the circular saw to cut the pieces to length.

To simplify putting the shelves together and to give it some more stability we routed the top, middle and bottom sheets, so that the supports would easily fit and and can be glued.

To make sure everything is right angled we used a box together with a few clamps. We were not sure that the glue alone would be strong enough especially against shearing so a few right angle brackets were added and screwed to the wood.

For the top layer it was important to press it down, while the glue was drying ... Just the right application for a heavy toolbox.

The two units work well together side by side. One can hardly see that they are independent. But moving them is quite easy ...

To finish the shelves we gave them a couple of coats with oil based varnish. This brought out the structure of the layered plywood.

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Living Room Shelves

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