In contrast to may of our other projects, this was more driven by the motivation to make it than by necessity. We came across this wonderful instructable for a laser cut machinist toolbox and thought we can make it with the tools available to us. A machinist toolbox is something nice to have, not only for all the tools we acquired over time but also for other small parts. Apart from that it just looks cool.

We downloaded the files and before starting the actual making of it we modelled it in Fusion 360 based on the downloaded sketches. Since some of the dimension did not quite work for us and we used different hardware, we had to change the sketches slightly. As has been reported by others, Fusion 360 doesn't handle large project very well and became really slow. Nevertheless we made a model and our cutting files for the laser cutter. Obtaining 6mm plywood was the easiest and least expensive in 400x600mm sheets, so everything was cut out of this.

In total we used 15 sheets of plywood and in contrast to what is mentioned in the comments on the thingiverse page it took more than 8 hours to cut all the parts, Some sheets needed almost an hour of cutting time. Maybe the laser cutter at makespace is not quite as powerful as the one from the original author.

Before glueing everything together all parts where test fitted. As mentioned in the instructable the order in which to put parts together is important and should be tried out before applying glue. A lot of clamps are really useful and if you don't have enough a few heavy items will also come in handy ... Since we did not put any protective masking tape on the plywood before cutting, all parts needed sanding. Being impatient, we glued some of the drawers without sanding the parts first and as expected it is much more difficult ... Lesson learned, always sand before you put things together ...

The screws for the drawer pulls were too short. Therefore the head had to be countersunk into the wood. A large wood and a large metal drill were used for this. Doing this before putting the drawers together would have been easier, since we had to do it by hand because the drill did not fit into the drawers. Another lesson learned ...

Before applying a layer of wax as finish we sanded the whole toolbox and drawers with 180 grit sanding paper to give a nice and smooth surface.

After finishing we added the additional hardware like the corners, the handles and front latch. Carrying the toolbox with a top handle might be quite heavy, so we only added handles on the side of the lower part. This allowed us to only have one front latch.

Overall the toolbox came out very nicely and we are very happy with the result. And the additional storage comes in very handy.

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Machinist Toolbox

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