Looking for gift ideas for the new year, and not having a lot of time to take care of it this year, we decided to create a few personalised engraved bookmarks.

The theme we thought about is based on nature patterns, inspired by the Winter season. We designed on Illustrator a series of leaves, fruits and berries that can be found in December.

We exported the vector files in DXF, then loaded into the laser cutter. We quickly realised that the holes meant for the suede lace needed to be cut out *before* the complete bookmark shape! So a few of the missing holes were drilled by hand afterwards...

We personalised the bookmarks by adding the initials of our friends and family. A bit of sanding to make them smooth and the final touch was to add the suede lace to stick out of the books when in use.

We created 4 different designs and 8 final personalised bookmarks. We also engraved '2019' to make them perfect for an end of the year season's gift.

New Year’s Engraved Bookmarks

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