When we only had one desk in our apartment it was necessary to be able to move my tools like soldering station, extractor fan, etc. out of the way in case we needed the desk for something else. Therefore we decided to build a portable workbench which could be closed and stored out of the way when we needed the desk for something else.

As usual the first step was modelling what we had in mind. The design was heavily inspired by the designs we found on various websites, like here, here and here but adapted to our particular requirements. The workbench was supposed to have a couple of drawers and space for larger items inside the doors.

After designing the workbench the parts were cut out on the CNC router in the makespace. For the bench to be sturdy even with tools inside 9mm birch plywood was chosen. Rabbets and Dado were used to make the assembly easier.

Before glueing everything together with wood glue dry fitting was necessary. Much to our surprised everything fit together as planned.

Since the idea was to move the workbench around it needed a sturdy handle on top. We decided to make one out of the offcuts of plywood. Multiple layers were laminated together and a few screws inside the handle gave it some extra strength. The edges were rounded and it was attached to the workbench with a couple of machine screws and nuts on each side.

The front plate also functions as the work surface. It is connected to the main body as well as the foldable sides with counterflap hinges so that the parts could either flip 180 deg to close or lie flat on the table.

In the end the workbench came out nicely and we are very happy with. It serves its purpose and also does not look bad when stored away. We just have to be careful to not store too much in it though since it becomes quite heavy and difficult to lift up..

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Portable Workbench

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