What do you do when you need to put a normal and 3D-printer somewhere and you do not have a lot of space? Of course, you build a shelf which has room for both of them ...

The printer shelf is sturdy enough so that the movements from the 3D-printer do not matter. Another feature is the sliding shelf for the normal printer which slides out completely so that the A3 printer can work and disappears in the unit when the printer is not used.

After determining the dimensions and what we could fit in our office, we went and bought the MDF at the local home improvement store. They offer to cut it to size and we got the top, bottom and sides cut. The lower part of the unit has 3 drawers which can hold accessories for the printers. In order to get best usage of a sheet of MDF we modelled the unit in Fusion360 and laid the parts out on the sheet.

The sides and the top/bottom are screwed and glued together. After drying we used wood filler to cover the holes.

In addition to making the frame we needed to make some drawers. Since we had some spare 18mm MDF we used that. Probably slight overkill ... But at least we have solid and sturdy drawers now.

The shelf for the printer can slide completely out. The drawers slides for this were ordered online and should be easy able to hold the weight of the printer. The whole unit was painted with two layers of white 2-in-1 paint.

After attaching a few more drawer slides for the 3 lower drawers. The front parts were screwed in from the inside of the drawers.

The final assembly ... So far only a rendering since we have not taken any good pictures yet, but the real version looks very, very similar.

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Printer Shelf

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