After seeing a similar lamp in one of the shops around town , we thought they look cool and certainly we are able to make one ourselves with the tools which are available to us. Especially with the CNC router at the makespace.

The first step was to define a basic shape of a single spoke which defines the basic shape of the lamp. Since this wsa supposed to be a small lamp over our coffee table, we went for a rather straight shape with only a slight bend.

After we decided on the basic shape the lamp was modelled using Autodesk Inventor. This allowed to also have models for the supporting pieces at the top and the bottom.

In order to make the assembling of the multiple spokes easier and get the spacing between them equal, in particular at the bottom, a alignment tools was also created. In contrast to the rest of the parts this was lasercut since the burning at on the edges did no matter.

The whole lamp is suspended from the ceiling and the height of the bulb inside the shape is determined at which height the shade is fixed on the cable. For this we designed a small part to be 3d-printed which clamps on the cable with a screw and holds the shade.

The whole lamp is glued with super glue gel and looks very light. It came out great and makes a nice addition to our living room.

In fact we liked the style so much that we decided to make a second lamp with a different shape, but in similar style, which can se seen in the background of this picture.

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Small spoke lamp

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