A little project, which was supposed to be quick, but in the end took a couple of weeks. Because if you varnish wood with oil based varnish it takes a while until it dries and does not smell anymore ...

The boxes are generated with one of the many boxmakers which can be found online. Since websites generate closed boxes and we ones with lids, the files were modified in inkscape. Each box had a bottom part and a lid.

There are two sizes of boxes for different uses. maybe sometime in the future we will also make some trays so that one can store small parts inside the boxes.

The layout on a 400x600 mm sheet of plywood in the laser cutting software. We tried to layout the parts for minimal material usage.

The parts were cutout using a laser cutter at makespace out of 4mm birch plywood.

Lots of parts (top/bottom/side) for only 6 boxes

Test fitting the boxes after glueing into the shelf. Seems like it all fits.

All boxes glued and varnished and drying in the sun. It only took a little more than 2 weeks so that one could not smell the varnish anymore ...

Storage Boxes

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